Cage Diving With Great White Sharks on Guadalupe Island
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Cage Diving With Great White Sharks on Guadalupe Island

Ok, I know exactly what you are thinking, I thought this was about how to have a great holiday, not a nightmare! We are trained to think is way because of movies like Jaws that give us the impression that all sharks are cold blooded eating machines. This is partly true of course, but under the guidance and safety of the right trained crew, cage diving with great white sharks can be a great holiday adventure.

What Makes Guadalupe Island A Haven For Large Great Whites?

guadalupe island

Guadalupe Island located just 150 miles off of the west coast of Mexico‚Äôs Baja California peninsula has been the main featured location on the Discovery channel’s shark week program for that past several years for good reason. It has proven to be the world’s best location for viewing some of if not the largest great whites in the world. As a surfer I had always assumed that South Africa or Western Australia held the title of best great white destination, but I guess I was wrong.

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark

The visibility is the main advantage that Guadalupe has over other destinations. The water is an amazing crystal blue which gives the crew the confidence to make a guarantee you will have an unforgettable encounter.

If you have the guts to consider doing this then I recommend you check Trip Advisor for reviews from others who have gone before you. Also, check out the video below showing a brave 5 year boy getting a close up view that will surely stick with him for life.

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