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The Ancient City of Sciacca

Sciacca is one of the longest running resort areas in the world, dating all the way back to the time of Christ. Back then of course they did not have people visit from all over the world like they do today. You won’t find the massive amounts of tourists like other parts of Italy so it can provide a much more quiet experience, if thats what you are after.

An Ancient Modern Day City

While the city is much more modern today it still retains an ancient medieval feel. If you are visiting from America, it is truly an experience you can’t get at home due to America only being a few hundred years old.

The World Class Cuisine

It’s no secret that Italy has some of the best cuisine in the world. I have yet to speak to anyone who has visited that disagreed. The vast majority of their food is all locally grown and harvested. Their culinary traditions go back thousands of years, giving new meaning to the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. And don’t think I’m just taking about pizza and pasta, because it ‘s the fresh seafood that they are most well known for.

The video below provides a great real life look at what Sciacca has to offer. If you have a desire to see old Italy then you can’t miss this trip. For more info on booking a trip you can visit Love Holidays.

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