Thunder Bomb Surf Camp in Nicaragua
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Thunder Bomb Surf Camp in Nicaragua

First things first, Nicaragua has recently got the reputation of not being the most safe country to visit. While there has been some political unrest for the last several years I hope that does not keep you away as Nicaragua is an amazing place, especially for surfers. But to be on the safe side I highly recommend that you review the Nicaragua Travel Advisory to make sure you are informed before booking your trip.

From Beginner Friendly to Expert Level Surf

In the world of surfing there are many different kinds of breaks ranging from reef, cobble stone points and sand beach breaks. Nicaragua is most know for their perfect sandy beach break waves. The Boom located close to the resort is a surfer’s dream. The wave is hallow and powerful but not too dangerous were it’s only for experts. It really depends on how much swell there is during your stay. There are also several other waves that are not as steep and powerful as the Boom for beginners.

Friendly Staff and All Inclusive Amenities

One thing I really loved about this trip was the owner and staff. They are with you the whole time and make it their mission to get you into the best uncrowded surf as possible. The resort is also very nice and the food is fresh and delicious. Because the price includes your room, food and drinks you really don’t have to take your wallet out at all which is awesome!

After taking surf trips for the last 20 years, I say that this is one of my favorites. While the waves cannot get scary on occasion, it’s more of a place that you can be sure you will get at least really fun head high waves which is all a die hard surfer really wants. The video below will give you a great idea of what your in for if you decide to book a trip.

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